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Broadwater Bull.jpg

Broadwater Angus

Warrick, QLD

Broadwater Angus required filming of their 50 Angus bulls, footage and photography of their bulls for marketing, online ads and newspaper ads. Over a couple of days we filmed the bulls as sunrise and sunset to get them in the right light to show off their size and features.

With the content we captured over the couple of days we then created few graphics for online use as well as newspaper ads in the Country Life. We also created a few little moving ads for Facebook ads like the one below. These are a great way to show off one of the better bulls and the information leading up to the sale. Each ad set had a 1:1, 9:16 and 16:9 version so it fit in with every social media placement as possible to get the best value for money!

Broadwater T24 White Background.jpg
T42 Broadwater Angus White.jpg
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