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Australian Geographic

Uniquely Australian, Australian Geographic Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine renowned for its photography, stories and cartography that cover Australian life, natural history, adventure, science, culture, innovation and travel.

Over a couple of days Tantallon Livestock and I filmed and photographed their kelpies to create Australian Geographic's first ever moving cover which has been displayed on Apple News as well as other news platforms.

There was a key focus for this shoot and that was to make is Australian as possible so when the team at Australian Geographic contact me originally about how we would go about creating this moving cover it was an east decision to make with the location and talent. We ended up filming it on the family property located on the Darling River, New South Wales.

We wanted dust and long lasting light for our shoots so we spend 3 days on property capturing the early mornings and late afternoons to achieve the glow through the dust. The benefit about working in the livestock industry is that this was just typical days for the farm and I just captured the day to day.

This will go down as one of the most cherished photos and shoots I'll probably ever do. To not only capture the Australian Kelpie and have them on a front cover of a magazine I've loved since Grandpa got me onto them as a kid but to also have the family heavily involved and wouldn't have been possible without them.


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